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When I was coming to the end of my project for illuminating the Louvre in 1993 working in collaboration with EDF, I never dreamt how great the scope of my activity would become.

Fascinated by lighting technique, I didn't yet appreciate its importance to the established heritage of the city, and in the societal sense, the completeness of its scope; that of an energy that pierces the darkness, expresses life and gives form to objects.

19 years later, the magic lives on! What a privilege for my team and myself, to magnify the architecture of the finest private or public buildings all over the world! What great human adventure, that of creating a fantasy in the city.

For 52 years, I patiently built a name, AGABEKOV, that has since become the signature of quality and durability.

Today in this blog, I hope to share with my clients, my partners, architects and builders, every aspect of my profession. I will introduce our latest achievements to you and the technology that is applied with them. I will share with you my vision, my solutions and I'll help you discover the world of architectural light.

Happy reading!

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